About me

Marine engineer mainly, photographer on weekends, I got a serious passion for photography. I’ve been into photography since I was 15 when my dad gave me a old Beirette SL100. Since then I am a self-taught photographer. Starting photography in landscape, architecture and industrial works I step into the market for arts, commercials and fashions. Making pictures is my way of reclaiming my artistic side. My personal goal with photography is connecting the cultures of East and West. For me it even has become a kind of a mission. I am from good old Germany while I have many friends in China, Japan and The Philippines. I have lived for some years in Korea, China and now I’m back in Germany. That’s why I’m just trying to build a bridge between the to continents by uniting with our same hobby which brings a lot of fun, is popular in pretty much all countries and which requires a good attitude of openess and trust: photography. Being involved in nude photography people from all cultures all of a sudden develop a very good understanding for eachother. Thats why I’m loving it!

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