Sport Shooting

Do you like doing sports? Are you familiar with the equipment in the fitness center? But do you also like to be outdoors?
Then I would like to capture your passion in pictures.
You will be presented in the best possible way with individual recordings in your sport. You can bring your personal sports equipment with you for the photos so that we can implement the pictures even better.
If you think you and no one else is right, please message me. I will then get in touch with you immediately and we can discuss details.
The shooting should take place at the end of May/beginning of June in the north on the Baltic Sea coast.
Of course, the travel expenses will be reimbursed immediately, you will also receive an appropriate expense allowance and also enough pictures for your self-promotion.

Various Shoots

I am looking for a model for long-term cooperation. I would like very much to realize some shooting projects with you. Therefore I offer a few appointments, mostly on weekends. If you have time and desire. The shootings and especially light paintings at the themes Mystique at night, sunrise or sunset. From portrait to partial nude, in mystic / cosplay style.

All are payshootings, which means you get a reasonable fee. The best photos should then be used to upgrade my portfolio.

Travel costs / accommodation, as well as a reasonable allowance for expenses are a matter of course. Longer cooperation desired.

Various Shooting themes: art / fantasy

I am looking for partial nude models for some photoshoots on a pay basis. Topics are beach, summer, sports and light painting.

Good fee is offered.

Age from 18 years. Travel expenses are covered 100%.

The shootings will start around end of May / beginning of June.

For application or questions please use the contact form.

Historic art in new life

Normally, people stand or sit as models for sculptors and painters. The representation of the human body has existed since ancient times. In the course of human history, valuable sculptures and paintings have been created that pay homage to the beauty and aesthetics of the human body.
I would now like to create a series of pictures that take these old statues as a model and put the model in the limelight. I’m looking for models for this.
The shootings only take place with a contract and you will receive an appropriate expense allowance.
Any travel expenses incurred will be reimbursed.