Model Informations

Sample Model Release

We are constantly looking for new models in the below mentioned category. Newcomers, dark skin, white skin, all are welcome…

  • Life style, Fashion, Haut Coture,
  • Protraits, Beauty, Jewlleries
  • Sports, Martial Arts,
  • Costumes, Cosplay,
  • Bouduire, Lingeries,
  • Fine Art,
  • Artistic Nude Models,

Detailed projects:

Shooting Beauty

I’m looking for a female model for a shooting theme ‚American Beauty‘. I will do it not in such conventionel kind like the movie, this time a bit more asia style. If you have no problems with covered nudity you are welcome. Travel- and accomodation expenses will be also covered by me. The model also will earn some money and will get also the pictures.

If you like this shooting please send your application by using the contact form on this site. 

Pin-up shooting

The pictures will be used only to expand my portfolio. If you are an attractive female then send me an email with a little about your self and a picture. Aspiring models and women who simply like to try to be a model are also welcome. If you have previous experience then some portfolio shots would be helpful also. I will give you an electronic copy once done. If you require a fee then we can work that out also.

For application please use the contact form.

Various projects

Looking for models for working on long-time base and different projects

The projects are like: 
– Catalogue jewelery, 
– Fashion, Glamour, 
– Lingerie, Boudoire, 
The shootings will be starting right now. Some shootings will be done on-location, some in studio. 
If you are interesting, just send a message to using the contact form.

Sexy Halloween Shooting

We will shoot Sexy Halloween outfits. I’m looking for models to shoot sexy gear only: Hot lingerie, cute panty and bra, cutting edge bikini, sizzling thongs. If you do not have, no matter, I will buy. We also have venecian masks for shooting. Jobs will be paid.

If you like this shooting please send your application by using the contact form on this site.